Accel Drill Set

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Drill Set includes:

1 Accel Drill Machine. 

1 Superflex shaft. 

1 Foot control. 


Accel Professional Rotary Tool

  • Accepts all rotary tool accessories and attachments.
  • Speed up to 30,000 rpm.
  • Ball bearing design for smooth operation.
  • Easy to use in any position.
  • Include collet nut and 1/8" collet.

Foot Control 

  • Smooth, accurate pressure speed control.
  • Compatible with most a/c magnetic motor equipped tools.
  • small, easy to use and fast installation.

 Superflex Shaft 

  • Specially designed with extra flexibility, high precision and accuracy.
  • Easy  / Quick "S"ecure and "R"elease mechanism.
  • Convinient twist or component construction allow easy and quick handpiece, coupler, inner shaft, outer sleeve replacement.



  • Manufactured by: Ycc

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